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Thank you for your interest in the FARMS Project! Applications are currently open. Click here for the application document and signatures page. Note: This application and project is contingent on final NRCS approval and paperwork, which we expect to be finished by mid-Feb.

Email completed applications to

Or mail them to CCTA – FARMS Project, 23929 County Road 16, Kit Carson, CO 80825



FARMS is working with dryland and irrigated farmers in eastern CO (East of the Continental Divide), NE, and KS. Any size operation is eligible.

You are:

  • Addressing the four soil health principles on the fields enrolled in FARMS, or be in transition.
  • Located in Eastern CO, KS, or NE
  • EQIP eligible (even though this is not an EQIP program)
  • Have control over the land involved for the next 3 years
  • Meet the AGI requirements
You can be involved in other NRCS programs like EQIP and CSP, but double payments are not allowed. FARMS does not count toward EQIP payment limitations.
Extra priority is given to beginning, veteran, limited resource, or socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.
Extra priority will be given to applications which address these NRCS priorities:
  • cover crop selection and establishment challenges, and opportunities for interseeding, intercropping, and living mulches
  • opportunities to integrate greater diversity in production systems, such as management for soil health in integrated crop-livestock systems
  • cover crop termination in organic or herbicide resistant systems for insurance purposes
  • soil health in cold climates
  • soil health alternatives to chem fallow

Application Timeline

FARMS Program details

Details about the incentive payments and your deliverables during this project are coming soon.




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