Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What regions are included in this project?
A. Colorado, east of the Continental Divide. All of Nebraska and Kansas.

Q. Can I do this project if I’m already doing EQIP?
A. Yes, you can do this on top of any other government or private program, as long as you aren’t receiving double payments for anything. If the practices you want to implement with FARMS are new to your operation and you aren’t getting payments for those practices from any other entity, they are eligible for FARMS.

Q. Why are you asking if I’m EQIP eligible? Will I be in an EQIP program?
A. No, you won’t be enrolling in an EQIP program. The eligibility is just a requirement from NRCS in DC. After eligibility is confirmed, then we can continue down our independent project path, separate from EQIP, and not subject to their paperwork requirements.

Q. Do the practices have to be new? Can I get paid for practices I’ve already used?
A. The practices need to be new, or you need to be implementing them at a new level of intensity.

Q. I don’t have a living root 100% of the time – does that mean I don’t meet the 4 Soil Health Principles and am not eligible?
A. You are still eligible as long as you are addressing the principles and actively working towards them. We understand the realities of farm management. 

Q. I’ve been managing soil health for decades / I’ve only just started working on soil health. Can I still get involved?
A. Yes! We are looking for producers across the spectrum of soil health experience. As long as you are working towards the four soil health principles, and have new practices you want to implement, you can be a part of this project. Less experienced producers will be paired up with a mentor to help them write their comprehensive soil health management plans.

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