Soil Health in the High Plains

Farmers Advancing Regenerative Management Systems

About us

A successful soil health management system is one which improves soil health while maintaining profitability.

The FARMS Project supports producers who are building comprehensive soil health management systems on their land in the High Plains of CO, NE, and KS.

Led by Farmers

Long-term soil health practitioners will guide and mentor early starters as they tackle soil health in the High Plains. In addition, most of the project staff are family farmers or ranchers.


Soil health is rarely achieved through isolated methods, but rather through a producer’s integration and adaptation of a suite of practices to his/her local context.


The project will encourage and cultivate systems thinking over isolated practice implementation.

The FARMS Project

Incentive payments

Comprehensive Soil Health Management Planning as well as acre-based payments for new conservation practices

Local mentorship

Facilitated mentoring relationships with more experienced producers and professional technical assistants.

Comprehensive analysis

Soil health testing, nutrient density testing, economic assessment, and social surveys.

Nutrient density

Are crops grown on healthy soil more nutritious? What is the consumer willing to pay for such nutrient density?

Support FARMS

You can support the farmers and ranchers who are betting the farm on conservation.

These Soil Health Innovators have been using their ingenuity and the four principles of soil health to sequester carbon on their farms for the last two decades, most without irrigation.

Your donation today is matched threefold by the USDA’s Soil Health Demonstration (a Conservation Innovation Grant). Producers receive sixty percent of the FARMS budget to take up new conservation practices.

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