Frequently Asked Questions

For Supporters

I applied but was not selected, how do I learn about the trainings and opportunities offered to all applicants?
Make sure you’re on our FARMS newsletter. We’ll email you about upcoming opportunities.

I heard about your Soil Evaluation Tool and the Comprehensive Soil Health Management Plan. Can I get a copy of these documents for my own farm?
Not yet, but please stay tuned! Our SET and CSHMPs are being used for the first time this year, and we will revise them based on our producer feedback. They’ll be ready for prime time towards the end of this project. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be emailed when they’re ready to be shared.

When will you release the names of participants?
We are bound by certain privacy rules of the NRCS and have no immediate plans to release participant names. However the anonymized and aggregated data will be released as we collect and analyze it, as well as the case studies. Please check back in Years 2 and 3 for results and information!

Where can I learn more about the FARMS Project results?
We’ll post information about upcoming events, presentations, and field days on our website. Also, project results and case studies will be released as we generate them, in Years 2 and 3 of the project (2021 and 2022). Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be emailed about these events and the project results.

Has the FARMS Project been delayed due to COVID-19?
Not substantially, because much of the current work can be done remotely. We’ve finished applicant selection and are now executing contracts with selected producers. We have plans to launch producer hubs and finish Comprehensive Soil Health Management Plans remotely on Zoom. We have a plan to safely accomplish on-site soil sampling. However, we don’t know if COVID-19 will cause delays in the future.

I’m thinking about starting a similar project, who can I contact to visit with about that?
Please use our Contact Form to get in touch, and we’ll support your work as best we can!

I want to support FARMS, who can I contact to visit with about that?
Thanks for your support! Please use our Contact Form to get in touch.

For Participating Producers

When will contracts be signed?
We are working out the language of the contract now. We hope to send the contracts out by 1 June and have them fully executed by 15 June.

Can I do this project if I’m already doing EQIP?
Yes, you can do this on top of any other government or private program, as long as you aren’t receiving double payments for anything. If the practices you want to implement with FARMS are new to your operation and you aren’t getting payments for those practices from any other entity, they are eligible for FARMS.

How many acres can I enroll / How do I choose which acres to enroll?
How many acres to enroll is entirely up to you, but you’ll need to select one field to be your Primary Field for this project. Here are the characteristics we’re looking for.

  • This field should have seen many (if not most) of the soil health practices that you’ve tried. It should be acres that have been in soil health for the longest. It should be the field you run your own experiments on.
  • Most (if not all) of the practices that you’re getting FARMS payments for should be on this field.
  • This field needs to meet all 4 Soil Health Principles
  • We’ll be doing soil health on your Primary field only.
  • LTPs: this field should be growing something that we can do nutrient density testing on. Please reach out if you’re growing something other than small grains or legumes, to see if we can make it work.

When and how will I get paid?
Your incentive payments will be on a reimbursement basis. To get reimbursed, you need to:

  • Complete your eligibility checks and your CPA-52 form (we’ll work with you on this)
  • Submit your Comprehensive Soil Health Management Plan and get it approved by a TA or Mentor
  • Implement your conservation practices
  • Get your implementation verified by FARMS TAs or Admin

You’ll invoice us for your Comprehensive Soil Health Management Plans and the conservation practices you implement (and any mentoring costs if you’re an LTP). Forms will be posted at the FARMS Web Portal.

Where do I find project documents like the Comprehensive Soil Health Management Plan, or invoice and expenses forms?
Log onto the FARMS Web Portal here. Contact Lauren if you’re having trouble logging in, or if you need a form and don’t see it.

What if I don’t have cash crops for nutrient density testing each year?
Contact Becky to discuss. Depending on your rotation, we might be able to find a solution.

Will I have access to the results from my soil testing/nutrient density testing?
Yes, FARMS staff will ensure your results are made available to you. You’ll have to turn in your Comprehensive Soil Health Management Plan first though.

How will you protect my personal information when working with 3rd party testing labs?
We’ll ship the samples without any personal identifying information. Your soil or your grain will just have an ID number associated with it, and the labs won’t know whose soil is which.

How will you protect my personal information in general?
See the Privacy section on the Participating Producers page.

Can I post about FARMS on social media?
You may share information about your own FARMS participation freely. You must not share others’ information without their explicit consent. Be careful about their private data (names, addresses, etc). Reach out to Lauren if you want help navigating this.

I need technical assistance, who do I contact?
You can contact your mentor, the other producers in your hub, or the team of FARMS TA’s. If you’re a mentor, you can contact mentors in other hubs, or the team of FARMS TA’s. Reach out to the Admin team if you’re stuck and don’t know who to ask.

We can also connect you with people in our extended network of supporters, including the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Green Cover Seed, CSU, KSU, Big Red Worms, Holistic Management International, Mad Agriculture, Ducks Unlimited, The Redwood Group, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and Keller Law. Reach out to us and we’ll connect you with the right person.

I need help with paperwork, who do I contact?
Reach out to the Admin team (Joni, Becky, and Lauren) and we’ll help you out.

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